Leave Brandi and Gerry Alone!

Gerard Butler at the Golden Globes

Brandi Glanville claims a connection with Gerard Butler

Who Cares If Brandi Glanville and Gerard Butler Helped Each Other Make it Through the Night?

Newsflash! Gerard Butler is NOT a Monk and Brandi Glanville is NOT a nun. Sure you all knew that but by the rants on the Internet it appears that many are commenting on the pair’s connection like the Moral Majority. Listen up people: you are not the voice of morality. Between vilifying Brandi or Gerry it’s obvious that the only real issue is whether Brandi was right to “kiss and tell” on live national television. Personally, this BG-GB rendezvous was a rumor that circulated last summer. Her mentioning it seems a tad dated. Regardless, this is America and Brandi had every right to exercise her right to free speech. What else is peculiar in this “Brandigate” scandal is that fans and anti-fans are swooping down like vultures on various websites hurling verbal written abuse on the two people involved. What is this? Are some people just unable to accept that Gerry Butler will one day be with a woman other than them? Or that Brandi Glanville is being a single Sex and the City LA girl? Is any of this supposed week of fun that Brandi describes really all that wrong?

It is startling to observe the level of character assassination directed at both Brandi and Gerry from some in the general public. Meanwhile, Brandi defends herself on Twitter and Gerry denies knowing her. Either way it is none of our business to find out the truth. Brandi asserts that she is being honest after Gerry asked who she was. So what if it’s true? So what if it isn’t? Both of them are SINGLE. Neither broke some law by committing a heinous crime. We have a right to our own moral code and value system but so do they! Brandi is a former model and still rocks a bikini at 39. Gerry is a handsome hunky highlander who still sets fans swooning at 42. The fact that people are so mad at him or her for their behavior begs a deeper question: do we as the general public feel that celebrities owe it to us to live up to our personal expectations? Newsflash: Gerry Butler is NOT any of his characters that some have fallen “in erotomania” with. Ditto for George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hardy, or Michael Fassbender. Like a wise woman said to me once: the only thing an actor owes you is a good performance. Nothing else!

The 24/7 multimedia world we live in allows us to learn about and follow our favorite celebrities all day and all night long. This constant stream of information and images trick some to think they know them. It is an illusion. Celebrities are a 2-D figure that we are very familiar with but they remain a stranger. To take great offense at the actions of a stranger as if one has been personally betrayed is a symptom of not having a life. Sure it is entertaining that Brandi dished on Gerry but it’s been blown way out of proportion. Who are we to scold or personally attack them and make severe accusations that border on character assassination? We are nothing to them and maybe some reality could do some fans a lot of good. Instead of wasting energy dissecting Brandi Glanville or Gerry Butler, why not redirect all that passion for words into say … screenwriting? Trust me; it’s much more productive and a fruitful use of ones times and energy. My two cents: if it did happen it’s between them. If it did not happen then Brandi is lucky she isn’t being sued for slander. After all, Gerry is a lawyer by training.


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